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Generali Global Health launches new member services in the Cayman Islands

London, 28th May 2019

Generali Global Health (GGH), the international health insurance division of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., has launched a menu of new benefits aimed at supporting the health of employees in the Cayman Islands. 

“With over 25,000 expatriate workers and many more permanent resident employees in the Cayman Islands, GGH is delighted to be making today’s announcement,” said Marco Giacomelli, CEO of Generali Global Health. “As a leading insurer in the region, our aim is to provide a comprehensive suite of benefits that support members looking to live healthier lives.” 

Effective from the 1st of June 2019, the member services are designed to offer a comprehensive suite of health and wellness tools for Generali Global Health members, from support to counselling and advice pathways.

An employee assistance programme (EAP) provides members with 24/7 access to confidential support services from multi-lingual experts with employees and expatriate experience. The EAP service can help address a range of challenges employee face at work and at home, from managing stress through to financial and legal support, to help organisation reduce absences and improve productivity, by helping increasing employee engagement and supporting a higher performing workforce.

Access to a confidential and independent second medical opinion service, where a member is concerned with a diagnosis or treatment plan. A specialist team will review the member’s case and recommend an alternative, if appropriate.

When it comes to wellness and wellbeing, members can count on Bria Wellness, an online app that includes tips, advice and plans to help GGH members combat stress, sleep better, live healthier and lose weight. The app enables members to choose a health goal and strive towards achieving that goal by joining challenges with colleagues to keep themselves motivated.

Additional Health and wellness tools available through GGH’s member portal will provide members the opportunity to take a health assessment, check symptoms of concern to them, and access calculators to help monitor BMI, calories and alcohol intake.

“Generali Global Health is experiencing tremendous success by creating bespoke offerings that cater for the specific needs of overseas workers in key expatriate locations around the world, and today’s announcement is another example of this.” concluded Marco Giacomelli.

Note to Editors:
Generali Global Health provides international private health insurance to globally mobile people. Through their worldwide network of customer service centres, medical professionals and facilities, GGH give members access to the best healthcare services in the world.

Generali Global Health is a specialist division of Generali – one of the largest and best-known global insurance groups, with a reputation for protecting people and businesses since 1831. Generali operates in over 120 countries worldwide, providing insurance and assistance for both individuals and groups. Generali also has the biggest worldwide employee benefits footprint of any major insurer – and can support clients in the many destinations across the globe.


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