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Save money and the planet with an eco-friendly diet

Save the planet and your bank balance by making these changes. Read on for some tips on how to have an eco-friendly diet.

Save money and the planet with an eco-friendly diet

Are you an eco-friendly consumer? There are lots of ways to take a more thoughtful approach such as shopping locally, avoiding processed food and eating less meat. Watching plastic use is also part of and it's more important than ever to be aware of what we buy. When it comes to helping to save our planet, any change is for the better! Simple actions such as buying a reusable water bottle or shopping tote can make a wealth of difference.

Recently, YouGov revealed that half of UK consumers were willing to pay more to for eco-friendly packaging and 8 out of 10 are trying to reduce their plastic waste.  An impressive 50 per cent agreed they would pay higher prices for items in biodegradable packaging, which highlights the importance of sustainability today.

You might be surprised to learn that being more eco-aware can save you time and may also be cheaper in the long run. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Eat less meat

Eat more of an organic plant-based diet. If you want meat, get it in small amounts from good local butchers - they are usually more ethical and sell high-quality grass-fed meat or poultry. Not only will you save money buying less meat, but you'll feel healthier. There are many health benefits to this kind of diet, and it can be wallet-friendly too. Vegetables, lentils, beans, and nuts can all be bought in bulk and can create simple, tasty dishes. Try reading Miquel Barclay's Meat-Free One Pound Meals for some inspiration.

Go local

Shop as locally and as seasonally as you can to reduce your carbon footprint. You'll get the freshest produce there is and be supporting small businesses, a double win. Often shopping locally means you are supporting a family and your community plus you will see the passion that small producers have, you'll get delicious seasonal items you won't find in a chain shop. A faceless, supermarket chain is no comparison to the friendly chat at your community shops.

Have your shop tote at hand

When you go food shopping, use a reusable bag. There's no need for plastic bags, just remember to always keep it inside your daily bag, so you don't forget. Buy items with less unnecessary packaging and shop at health food stores and markets that offer eco-friendly options, such as the option of bringing your own jar or bag to refill dried foods. Feel lighter in your heart as you walk home with no plastic.

Avoid highly processed foods

Processed foods are a no if you're looking to cut down on plastic. They are bad for the environment and may contain hidden sugars, plus they usually cost more. Cooking from scratch at home is best for your health, budget, and the planet. It's a joy to see what tasty and colourful creations you can make at home, using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Nutritious and tasty, asparagus can be a seasonal dish in its own right. Making a "from scratch" homemade broth with vegetable peel is another great way to save waste.

Get reusable beverage items

Whenever possible, try not to buy single-use plastics. According to CIEL (Center for International Environmental Law), plastic packaging such as single-use items represents a shocking 40% of plastic demand. Investing in a durable reusable water bottle will cut down on waste and you will end up drinking more water too.

Looking for more ways to cut down plastic when ordering your favourite drinks? Coffee lovers are now using coffee reusable cups instead of takeaway cups. Many coffee shops offer discounted coffee and cheaper refills for those using their own cups, a great incentive to get one. There's a whole range of cheery patterns too, so no matter your style you can save money and help to save the planet.




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