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Covid-19 and mental health support with Generali Global Health’s Employee Assistance Programme

Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has changed everyone’s lives, and now globally it represents a challenge to our health, our wellbeing and our communities. How can insurers provide relevant services to support us through this?

Covid-19 and mental health support with Generali Global Health’s Employee Assistance Programme

The health crisis generated by Covid-19 has quickly created various challenges for many countries around the world, with people being deeply concerned about the virus and the implications of this disease for them, their families and their communities.

These concerns are now touching many aspects of our life, with governments rapidly adopting extreme measures to slow the spread of the virus and the healthcare system fighting against time to aid as many people as possible.

Complex feelings are being faced by many of us, with anxiety and fear sometimes getting the better of our mental health. explains anxiety as ‘a normal and often healthy emotion […]. Anxiety disorders form a category of mental health diagnoses which lead to excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry’.

Why do some people also feel fear? As reported by

“Fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger that has been pivotal throughout evolution. If people didn’t feel fear, they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves from legitimate threats—which often had life-or-death consequences in the ancestral world”.

We should acknowledge that our human brain can instinctively react with these types of emotions when suddenly faced with situations like Covid-19, especially now this is no longer limited to one or two countries, but continues to pop up every day around the globe.

While panic buying is just one coping mechanism to fight fear or anxiety, the psychological consequences are starting to be felt – and increasingly shared – by individuals and societies.


How can insurers provide support during these unprecedented times?

As part of our benefits package, members can contact the International Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), a confidential and supportive service available 24/7/365 via email, phone and videocalls or access online support resources.

This EAP service is completely confidential and operated by an independent partner who specialises in handling various issues that people may face at different stages of their life.

Your Employee Assistance Programme can be accessed through your Member Portal or by downloading the MyEAP app from your device’s store.

Below are some of the questions and answers you may have about this EAP service.


What is Generali Global Health’s International Employee Assistance Programme?

EAPs provide professional counselling and other services, with the primary objective of supporting employees dealing with personal and professional challenges that might be impacting on their health and well-being.

Working abroad can be exciting, but for some it’s not all smooth sailing. Moving away from friends and family can be fraught with difficulty. Not everyone will be comfortable with their new surroundings, and local support might be lacking.

Moreover, when an emergency such as Covid-19 hits, stress and anxiety can become even more of an issue for those away from home, and hard to manage, especially if physically alone during isolation and physical distancing.

Although not all stress is bad, health problems can occur where it continues for a long period or becomes chronic. Stress can manifest in different ways including digestive problems, headaches, sleeplessness, sadness, anger or irritability. People under chronic stress can also be more prone to viral infections, such as the flu or common cold.

The professional and confidential support of independent counselling offered through an EAP can help to tackle the root cause of stress and depression and prevent the manifestation of any long-terms issues.

Should I contact the EAP if I’m worried about the coronavirus?

If you believe you have contracted the Covid-19 virus and need clinical support, including being tested, you should follow the directions of your local health authority and make use of the government-sponsored healthcare services and facilities that have been made available. You can also check our updated page about Covid-19, where you can find answers linked to our policies.

If you have non-clinical concerns about the coronavirus and how the disease might affect you and your family, including financial worries, we recommend you consider using the EAP service.


What other services does the GGH’s EAP provide?

As well as advice and counselling related to health and wellness, members can access experts in the following fields via this EAP service:

  • Financial advice, such as personal debt management.
  • Crisis management help and support.
  • Managerial support and consultation.
  • A wealth of additional information and general advice on areas such as relationships, retirement, caring responsibilities, legal issues and student life.

Can my family members access the EAP?

Anyone listed on your policy is entitled to access the EAP and benefit from the service.


How can I access the EAP?

Our EAP is available to members 24/7/365 via calls, email and video. Generali Global Health members can speak to a trained counsellor in their region, and in a choice of languages.

You can find out more about this service on the dedicated International Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) page.

To check whether this is available on your plan and to access it, please visit your Member Portal or download the MyEAP app from your device’s store.



The International Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) can help you dealing with challenges like loneliness, stress, anxiety or depression.