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Create your dream office and make working from home a breeze

Whether you fancy working from your sofa or crave a full-blown home office, your job at home might actually be enjoyable! Here's how to create the perfect home office, whatever your working style or budget...

Create your dream office and make working from home a breeze

Thanks to technology, more of us than ever before are joining the remote working revolution. But creating the right home office for you takes some planning and careful consideration. We'll show you how you can transform any space in your house into a hub of professional productivity — whatever your budget and working style.

The mini office

This is ideal for those who need a computer or laptop, some stationary and a printer, but don't necessarily have space (or budget) for using a whole room. Good locations include hallways and quiet corners of shared living spaces, such as the living room or kitchen.

Splash out on strong overhead lighting, or at least a good standing lamp, to make this work. For the most efficient use of space, opt for a narrow desk and chair, using floating shelves to store key books and documents. Look out for folding tables and sliding shelves that can hide away accessories like keyboards when work time has finished and you want your house to return to normal!

A good filing system is crucial to keeping your home office in check. To avoid drowning in documents, try the 3-day rule: documents can't remain on your desk any longer than that. This will help you stay on top of work and keep your workspace tidy—win-win!

The full home office

The deluxe option doesn't need to come with a deluxe price tag! For starters, you could re-purpose existing furniture. Think twice about throwing out the old dining room table and check classified ad sites like Gumtree to find second-hand office furniture going for cheap—or even for free! Buying stationery from wholesale and discount suppliers in bulk is also a great way to save money in the long term.

If you only splash out on one item, make it your office chair—it matters more than anything else. It's got to be ergonomic, the right height for your table and adjustable. Your eyes should be 20-30 inches away from your monitor and level with the very top of the screen. And don't forget the little things that will help you stay organised and focused, whether's a white-board for brainstorming, a noticeboard for important memos or a desk calendar to keep you on track.

The shed office

This is an ingenious solution, but one that requires some thought! If you're re-purposing an existing shed or garage, it needs to be watertight with a reinforced roof, properly insulated and protected with secure doors, windows and an alarm.

Your electricity supply needs to be safe, ideally installed or at least checked over by a professional, with enough power for your equipment, a kettle and any other home comforts you might crave. Finally, you might want to invest in flooring to cover over any cold concrete. It will take a little bit of height away from your shed, but make it far more comfortable in the process.

Happy homeworking!