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My Digital Doctor

Use the My Digital Doctor app for free medical consultations with internationally certified doctors, available worldwide.

My Digital Doctor

Download the My Digital Doctor app now and follow the easy steps to registrer.

Available on Google Play (Android) and Apple Store (iOS).

Your virtual doctor.

Our members and their dependents enjoy free access to My Digital Doctor. My Digital Doctor is an independent online doctor service that can be accessed via the My Digital Doctor app or by selecting the My Digital Doctor link on your Member Portal.

A few clicks is all it takes to schedule a phone or video consultation with an internationally certified doctor, in the language of your choice. This service provides you with a fast, convenient, travel-free access to a doctor from anywhere in the world*, through our partnership with Best Doctors, a leading independent provider of healthcare services. My Digital Doctor can facilitate early intervention and potentially can lead to better healthcare outcomes.

If you or one of your dependents feels unwell, use My Digital Doctor to schedule a convenient appointment with a licensed doctor.

Discuss symptoms, medications and treatments in a private setting while enjoying complete confidentiality without having to leave your home or work. Request a referral letter to another specialist and, even in some cases, receive a prescription**. The app allows you to share images and test results with your practitioner while receiving professional advice on how to treat symptoms and stay healthy.

*access to wi-fi or mobile networks is required for the video consultations.

** prescriptions are issued in line with safe prescribing guidelines, are always subject to the rules of the country where they are dispensed and not appropriate or guaranteed in every case.

Getting started with My Digital Doctor

My Digital Doctor is easy to download and use. Simply download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store as you would any other app or visit the Member Portal and use our link to access the service.  

  1. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  2. Register for an account by using your membership ID and name.
  3. If you need to consult a doctor, open the app to schedule a video consultation or request a callback. Alternatively, you can call My Digital Doctor directly on +1-857-256-32-89 (fees apply).
  4. Provide your age, time zone, preferred language and date, and select an available consultation slot.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email for your booking straight away and a reminder email 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  6. When it’s time, your appointment will turn green in the app. Press this to enter the waiting room.
  7. During the consultation, you can:
    • Explore treatment plans
    • Discuss your medical history
    • Understand your symptoms
    • Plan your health goals
    • View scans, test results and medical reports
    • Annotate documents and chat securely
  8. After the appointment, the doctor’s summary notes will appear in your Consultation History section, complete with appropriate recommendations and other documents like referral letters. You will also receive a satisfaction survey by email.

Available in specific locations. As a member, you will need to confirm what services are available in your policy documents or by contacting your HR representative.

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