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Member Benefits

Health protection from a leading global insurer, specially designed for a busy international lifestyle.

Member Benefits

Staying healthy, happy and well.

They say prevention is better than cure, and we agree. That’s why, in addition to comprehensive treatment benefits and available on selected plans, we include online health and fitness calculators, personalised health risk assessments, easy access to care advice, and annual health assessments, as part of our outpatient plans.

Members are eligible for vaccinations, routine dental check-ups and annual eye tests. For our newest members, well-baby checks are eligible under the policy.

Check your policy documents for full details of what is available on your plan.

Making daily healthcare easy.

Because life doesn't always run smoothly, it's important your healthcare does. We provide you with a Telehealth Online GP online service, which is available anytime and anywhere. Our plans include inpatient and outpatient hospital care ranging from overnight stays and surgical operations to tests, scans, medication, rehabilitation and more.

Specialists and alternative treatments are also available to assist recovery, with physiotherapy and complementary therapies available. Put simply, we're there to help you and your family stay in the best possible health.

Moving overseas.

Even for seasoned travellers, moving to a new country can bring unexpected challenges. The thrill of immersing yourself in a new culture can sometimes be accompanied by stress or anxiety, as well as practical difficulties like understanding the local healthcare system.

To help you get the most from your new life, our medical plans provide support at every stage, from pre-travel vaccinations to our 24/7 Telehealth online doctor serviceSecond Medical Opinion on request and our International Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to help you get the most from your new life.

Cancer treatment.

Generali Global Health covers cancer treatment in full, up to the plan limit, along with innovative features like genomic profiling cancer tests to help tailor your treatment.

Plans also include hospital charges, tests, scans, treatments and surgeries, including reconstructive and external prostheses, outpatient consultations and palliative or hospice care. Meanwhile, our International Employee Assistance Programme offers you a welcome opportunity to talk through challenges you may be facing in confidence.  

Dealing with diabetes.

While diabetes can often be managed with medication or lifestyle changes, being diagnosed is still a stressful experience. Our health and wellness online counselling service is there to offer confidential support, while many of our plans include diagnostic tests, hospital charges and if needed, surgery or treatment. 

To help members manage their condition, we provide online wellbeing tools that can track your health on an ongoing basis, as well as medication, rehabilitation, palliative care and consultations with dieticians and nutritionists.

Cardiac conditions.

Depending on the diagnosis, members have a range of treatment options for diseases of the heart and blood vessels. If hospital admission is required, plans cover tests, scans, accommodation, operations, transplants and intensive or high dependency care, with international specialists on hand if you want a Second Medical Opinion.

For outpatients, we cover consultations with clinicians, nutritionists and dieticians to help get you back to good health, as well as palliative care or home nursing.

Maternity care.

If you’re starting or growing a family, you want to be covered for every possibility. We’ve made sure our plans include all the care prospective parents might need, from fertility treatment to caesarean sections, natural birth options and pre and post-natal check-ups.

If needed, we also cover pregnancy-related medical conditions, paediatric care, new-born care and child accommodation, while our expert counsellors are there to provide extra support and help you make the most of this truly special time. 

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