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          Four steps to peace of mind. Global Choice is our modular and flexible international health plans, to meet your business needs. 

          1. Choose your area of cover

          Select worldwide cover including or excluding the USA.


          2. Choose your core cover

          Core cover provides protection for major treatments, such as surgery and transplants, and for serious conditions such as cancer. 

          Choose from three levels of protection – Select, Classic and Premier – to find the support your employees need. Classic and Premier include extras such as cover for home nursing and compassionate travel. 

          Example differences between Select Classic and Premier cover:

          Select Classic Premier
          Hospital charges Covered in full Covered in full Covered in full
          Rehab and therapies Up to 60 days Up to 90 days Up to 180 days
          Home nursing Up to 30 days Up to 60 days Up to 180 days


          3. Choose your out-patient cover

          You can opt to buy only core cover for your organisation, or to add out-patient cover for more comprehensive employee protection. 

          Our three out-patient options – Advance, Elite and Prestige – cover costs including GP and specialist consultations, physiotherapy and diagnostic tests. Prestige and Elite plans include extras such as speech therapy and psychotherapy. 

          Example differences between Advance, Elite and Prestige cover:

          Advance Elite Prestige
          Consultations Covered up to OP limit Covered in full Covered in full
          Physiotherapy 10 sessions 20 sessions 30 sessions
          Vaccinations No cover $500 USD Covered In full

          4. Choose your extras 

          To offer even greater peace of mind, add specialist cover for dental treatment, vision care, wellness screening, maternity care, fertility testing and more. Choose between different levels of cover and set benefit limits for each extra you select. 

          Need bespoke cover?
          We can discuss requirements for bespoke international private medical insurance for companies with 50 or more employees. To discuss your specific needs, please contact us



          In selected regions, our Global Choice plans include numerous extras to help employees stay well, cope during tough times and feel confident in the health advice they are given.

          Example differences between Advance, Elite and Prestige cover: - Online health and wellbeing tools

          Online wellbeing tools
          Through our online member portal, employees can access interactive symptom checkers and risk assessments, along with health and fitness calculators.

          Example differences between Advance, Elite and Prestige cover: - Online GP appointments

          Online GP appointments
          Employees can arrange confidential telephone consultations or video appointments with a doctor, wherever they are and in their preferred language. They can discuss symptoms, share images and test results, and get expert advice – without needing to visit a doctor. 

          Example differences between Advance, Elite and Prestige cover: - Second medical opinion

          Second medical opinion service
          If an employee is concerned about a diagnosis or wants more information, we provide complimentary access to an independent second medical opinion from a team of world-leading health experts, in partnership with Best Doctors. 


          Example differences between Advance, Elite and Prestige cover: - Employee assistance

          Employee Assistance Services
          If employees are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, isolation or the pressures of relocation, we provide an independent and confidential support service designed specifically for globally mobile people. This includes 24/7 counselling in person, over the phone, or via email, video call or instant messaging. 


          Example differences between Advance, Elite and Prestige cover: - Genomic profiling

          Genomic profiling for cancer treatment
          We offer genomic profiling to any of our members diagnosed with cancer. This easy-to-access service simply involves analysis of a saliva sample. Our healthcare partners then recommend a personalised cancer treatment programme, designed to provide the best healthcare outcomes based on an individual’s genetic profile.



          Worldwide (except UAE and Hong Kong) Benefit Schedule 270 kb  
          Hong Kong Benefit Schedule* 273 kb  
          UAE Benefit Schedule** 466 kb  

          View more product literature. 

          * Where cover is provided in Hong Kong, these policies are underwritten by Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. Hong Kong Branch  

          ** Where cover is provided in the UAE, these policies are underwritten by Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Company




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