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          Support World Health Day and accessible health for all

          World Health Day (WHD) was launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO) seventy years ago and this important health awareness day falls on Saturday 7 April this year. The 2018 campaign is entitled Universal Health Coverage, and aims to highlight the need for Universal Health, or accessible healthcare, for everyone around the world. At least half of the world’s population still do not have access to essential health services.

          Although healthcare something that those in some parts of the world take for granted, it’s estimated that 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty because of the need to pay for health services. Over 800 million people globally spent at least 10 percent of their household budgets on healthcare.

          While many of us can relatively easily make an appointment with a doctor relatively easily, we should spare a thought for the population of Africa, who are the most affected by the lack of healthcare services. Twenty-four countries on the continent have the fewest numbers of doctors per capita. In Liberia, for example, there are only fourteen doctors for every one million people, compared to the US, Canada or UK who have around 3,000 doctors per million people. This lack of doctors and medical services has a significant detrimental effect on anything  from women having a safe pregnancy and birth, to essential emergency treatment.

          In October last year, Generali Group launched the Human Safety Net a CSR programme designed to support families and children in disadvantaged communities. Part of this initiative is about ensuring children have access to healthcare and specifically, supporting 30,000 parents with children under the age of six.

          ‘Chain aid’ is the central plank of the Human Safety Net project. The hope is that those who benefit will eventually have the opportunity to help someone else, creating a ‘ripple’ of positive change around the world. Generali employees will be helping to raise funds for this project.

          World Health Day this year focusses on universal health for all and the need to create better access to healthcare for all, a worthwhile cause we should all support.